Which Paint Shaker?

Our Recommended Shaker

We recommend the EZ20A.

Loading/Unloading: With a flat plate, and the roller at the front, it is easy to load all can shapes. There is also no need to strap the handle down, as it cannot get caught in the machine.

Speed: The EZ20A mixes product in half the time of the EZ20G, including heavy texture coatings.

Engineering: Our support staff prefer the design of the EZ20A by following the Keep It Simple approach

  • EZ20A heavy movement handled by springs and dampers + 1 easily replaceable drive belt.  The EZ20G uses gears, bearings.
  • EZ20A single speed operation = Less electronics. The  EZ20G has a single phase power -> 3 phase inverter, and electronic speed controller. More complex.


Retail Paint Stores

We recommend the EZ20A paint shaker for retail paint stores.

  • Fast Mixing: 30 seconds for 1-4L, 90 seconds for 10L & 15L cans
  • Easiest loading/unloading with roller assist
  • Any shaped can, the flat base allows all cans to fit.

The rapid mixing on the EZ20A, combined with the easiest loading & unloading make this the most popular model for paint stores.

In comparison, the EZ20G requires 3 minutes for 10 & 15L cans. Based on Architectural paint. eg Solagard.

Thicker products such as Haymes rendertex also mix better and faster in the EZ20A.

Industrial/Medical Use

For products that require longer mixing times, the EZ20G is our recommended choice

  • For Inks etc that require extended mixing.  The EZ20G can mix for up to 9 minutes & 45 seconds.


If you have further questions on the use of these paint shakers, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.